"[TRIGGER WARNING: ABUSE, GASLIGHTING, MANIPULATION] I transfer everything onto myself. It’s what all the abuse has done to me; whatever I see in them, I think can’t be true of them. And since they have told me that how I see them can’t be true, have convinced me that there’s something wrong with me that I see this untrue thing about them, the only other conclusion to make is that by seeing it in them, it must be in myself. This is how abusers fuck with your head, they take who they are and what they do, and they tell you it’s who you are and what you are doing."
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the warrior woman came out again.  discovering that thin brushes really keep my heavyhanded/ugly line style at bay.  still, must experiment more :3


Frida Kahlo and her pet deer, Granizo, 1939, photograph by Nickolas Muray


 imagearomantic people are wonderful

imagedemiromantic people are beautiful

imagegrey-aro people are amazing

image lithromantic people are stunning

imagewtfromantic people are gorgeous


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Are you alive? Here’s my advice:


  1. Do not settle for substandard relationships out of your fear of being alone. 
  2. If you want to unsettle a man while he’s blathering to you, don’t look him in the eye. Stare right at his hairline. 
  3. Don’t push yourself down a hole because you made a mistake. Recognize what was in your control and what was not and if you know how you’d do it differently, don’t let these scenarios loop in your head for nights on end. Shed your mistakes when you’ve outgrown them. Forgive yourself as often as necessary. 
  4. Don’t tell people how to live their life. Only tell them what’s necessary if they expect to be in yours. 
  5. Your 20’s are about pulling the edges of yourself closer. Iron out the seams so it lays flat. You’ve been constructing this garment your whole goddamn life so you can finally wrap your bones in the warmth of who you really are. 
  6. You don’t have to dilute yourself to suit someone else’s palate. Let your emotions move through you freely. The cost of keeping sadness captive is it’ll take up residence behind your eyes and you’ll see everything through the distorted lens of the feelings you keep hidden.
  7. Let a joyful memory settle softly somewhere inside your fingertips. Please remember that happiness, even when it feels so distant and impossible, is always within reach. It is part of you, even when you can’t find it. 
  8. Don’t give in to the fear of looking stupid or let it keep you from believing in magic. No honest experience is inauthentic. It’s okay to still carry your sincere expression of wonder through the world. 
  9. You are a miracle. There is no duplicate of you. It is your ongoing responsibility to be kind to yourself, and take care of yourself.
  10. All we really know is that we are here right now. We have a space in the world, and we maybe only get to occupy it once. Any good you can do, any mark you can make, any goal you can obtain- now’s your chance. Why settle for being the beach flea when you could be the surrounding sea?
  11. Pick a point on the horizon that appeals to you most and just fly towards it, baby. You were born with the wings. Some people don’t know this yet and while they’re still stuck on the ground they might try and shoot you down, hoping to catch sight of you spiraling straight out of the sky like a warplane mayday. Don’t let them convince you that you shouldn’t be flying. Keep rising. The more distance you put between you and them, the smaller they get. Angry ants crawling over a patchwork quilt- that’s all your enemy will be. 


see me bare my teeth for you. - a post tws bucky/steve mix. and I know that I miss you, but I don’t even know your name.

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It’s not the place of the unaffected to judge whether or not a marginalized group’s pain or offense is legitimate.


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