Toxic people feel entitled to your flexibility and adaptability.


In fact, they specifically target people with these qualities. First, they appeal to your easy-going nature. Then, they exploit these qualities by slowly eroding your boundaries and convincing you to absorb all of the blame for their manipulative behavior. When you finally stand up for yourself, they will declare you crazy, sensitive, and hysterical. In their eyes, the problem is not their abuse. The problem is you refusing to absorb their abuse any longer.


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that’s enough boldly going for one day, i’m beaming up, bye

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when alien races only have two genders. when those two genders are male and female. when that alien race adheres to the human gender binary. when female aliens have breasts. when alien races look exactly like humans except maybe they’re orange or purple 



if you’re an apologetic person, remember this:

you don’t owe anyone your body

your time

an explanation

you have the right to enforce these boundaries

you have the right to leave the people who don’t respect your boundaries

you owe yourself the respect to do so.

moreover, you don’t owe anyone an apology because you are angry or upset as you long as you communicate your feelings in a non-aggressive way.

you have the right to have feelings

to communicate them

to privacy if you chose not to

before you say sorry, ask yourself if you have really hurt somebody, if you’re really guilty or if it’s just a feeling born from insecurity and too much kindness.

if anyone uses your feelings against you, they are abusing you

and if you ever make a mistake, remember that you deserve love and forgiveness. break away from the people who disregard your needs. seek help, find new people or just be alone if that’s what you like. empower yourself.learn that you are worthy of forgiveness, love and respect. learn to forgive yourself, to love yourself, to respect yourself

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'As many genders as there are flowers', series, polaroid, 2014 

A photographic study into the idea of not fitting into societies presupposed gender constraints and/or fitting in to the fashionable ‘androgynous’ styles of just dressing masculine.



A Lesbian Couple Have Married After 72 Years Together

No YOU’RE crying

Calling Everyone on the Asexuality Spectrum! I need your help!


I have an amazing friend who is asexual, but because she’s majoring in Global & International Studies, she had to fight for her right to do her undergraduate thesis on asexuality. The caveat was that she’d have to interview asexuals both here in the US, and from varying countries around the globe in order to get a global perspective on the topic/how it’s received/experienced/handled elsewhere.

I’ve included her recruitment post under the cut below, and if you guthis like wildfire, that would signal boost this/spread this like wildfire, that would be just amazing.

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Neptune Planet Power, Make-up!